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Your FAQs

By teachers………


Who is


Our mission, as a family run company, is to provide parents in the UK with the most comprehensive listing of activities/activity groups for them and their babies/toddlers available. Each activity we list will have an emphasis on the development of your little ones’ health, education and well-being, with the understanding that play is a developmental vehicle. We are looking to become a high profile site, but to always maintain and nurture a community spirit, and to establish close links with our highly valued members.



How much is my investment in Busy little ones going to cost?


Listing your classes in the Busylittleones directory is completely free. 

We generate all of our funds through the advertising you can see here on the site.


I have some listings on already, but I want to add some more. How do I go about adding new listings?


When you sign into busylittleones, a button will appear down the left hand side of the page labelled ‘Amend listings'. Click on this button and you will be taken to a new, blank listing, ready for you to add your details. When you have finished creating your new listing, remember to click 'save'.


Again, if you have any questions related to adding new listings, email for help.



How do I cancel my membership?


If you are unhappy with the service busylittleones is offering you, then click on the ‘Amend membership’ button, which will appear down the left hand side of the page when you sign in. Then simply follow the easy cancellation instructions.


It is important to us that the quality of service we offer is very high, so if you are leaving us, letting us know about any mistakes we have made or amendments that we can make in the future will be highly valuable. Then, we will be able to improve our performance and make any changes you require.  You can use the ‘Contact us’ page to send a suggestions or send an e-mail to



I am a teacher who doesn’t provide regular classes, but who organises one off events and activities for children. Am I still eligible to join?


Of course! Busylittleones is looking to provide not only a ‘regular’ class listing, but a list of every activity available to parents and their babies/toddlers in the UK. If you click on ‘View sample listing’ on the ‘Teachers registration page’ you’ll note that each listing box gives you the option of stating the nature of, and date/dates of your event, making it easy for event-matsters like yourself to join in and spread the word!



How do I read the reviews that attendants of my class have written?


Every time you log into busylittleones, you will have the option of searching for your own listings using the ‘Search’ facility in the top right hand corner of the first page you see. Once you’ve located them, you will be able to see a list of reviews under each class that you’ve listed. Hopefully you’ll get some great feedback.


How do I change the details on one of my listings?


Easy. Just log into the site and click on the ‘Amend listings’ button you’ll see on the left hand side of the first page you see. Here you will be led through the editing process we have in place, and you’re details will be instantly updated for your students to check.



I want a website that fully details all of my activities as a teacher, but have never previously had the cash. Can help?


We will shortly be introducing a new service called "Instant Websites", which will enable you to build your own website through busylittleones.  We will keep you posted of when this goes live.



I want to have a look at what else is being taught in my area, and get in touch with other teachers. How is this possible?


Developing a community spirit is one of our main goals at You can contact other teachers in your area using the contact details they display on their listings, but also we provide a buzzing ‘Chat’ area (see the buttons on the left side of our opening page) with a special ‘room’ dedicated to you. We also provide a Forum, where you can chat directly with your attending parents. Hopefully you’ll all get to know each other soon!



If you would like to contact us concerning this particular topic by email then please use: as the email address. We will deal with all enquires as swiftly as we can.


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