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Your FAQs

By parents………


Who is


Our mission, as a family run company, is to provide parents in the UK with the most comprehensive listing of activities/activity groups for them and their babies/toddlers available.


Each activity we list will have an emphasis on the development of little ones’ health, education and well-being, with the understanding that play is a developmental vehicle. We are looking to become a high profile site, but to always maintain and nurture a community spirit, and to establish close links with our highly valued members.



How much does it cost to register?


Parent’s registration is free.


This ensures that everyone gets to have a good in-depth peruse of our site, and find out all about the classes that they want to start attending, with no hidden costs.


There are additional options available to every registered parent however, which enrich the experience and allow you to extend your involvement. For example, you could create your own ‘blog site’ for just £4.97 a month: a place where you can share your baby’s progress, and your best photographs so far, with family and friends. This is fully password-protected and great for showing off and keeping everyone up to speed!


For just £0.97 a month you can still create a password protected page, again will all of the up to date technology you require, but with slightly limited scope in terms of photo uploads etc.


This will again, be entirely safe and only for the eyes of those that you specify can see it.



How do I search for a class near me?


When you first enter, you will see a ‘search’ box in the top right hand corner of the page. This is easy to use and asks you to state merely your postcode, or the county that you live in, before clicking on ‘search’, which will lead you to a page full of your local class listings.


Alternatively, if you are searching for a specific kind of class, e.g. a baby yoga class, after signing in you need to simply click on the ‘baby yoga’ heading you will find down the left hand side of the page. This will lead you to an easy to use ‘search’ page, which will require either your postcode or county name, to provide you with the classes nearest to you, fast.


You can use our search facilities as much as you require, with no charge.



I’d like to create a ‘blog’ about my baby, like the ones outlined on your site. How can I go about this?


Creating a blog is actually quite simple. All you need to do to create your photograph friendly, movie capable blog is to click on the link (shown in blue) you will receive in your confirmation email. This will arrive when the payment process for your blog is completed.


All of the building info you require will follow in easy to read instructions after you click on the link. You will be presented with a range of options, each allowing you to create a truly unique, customised blog, including artistic options, which allow you to experiment fully with style and colour.


During the building process, you will also be given options concerning the security of your blog. If you are happy for your blog to be publicly received, and for the development of your baby to be shared with everyone else in the Internet community, then you can continue to the end of the building process without putting any security measures in place. However, if you would rather specify who can view your blog, by entering a list of your friends’ and family’s’ ‘safe’ email addresses, ensuring that no one else will ever view your blog, than that option is also available and very easy to carry through. Just follow the stated instructions.


You will be asked to state a password that you can circulate amongst your family and friends if you do choose to put these measures in place. Keep one in mind during the process, which will be easy to remember yet unique, so that only people you know will ever have access to your personal information



How can I meet other ‘Busy little ones’ parents?


Creating a parents community is one of our main goals, and participating is easy. After registering on the site you will note that we have a ‘Chat room’ and ‘Members forum’ (accessible using the purple buttons displayed down the left hand side of the Welcome page). 


Our chat room has a number of sub-sections, which cover many topics of interest for parents of small children. This ability to click on a topic you would like to discuss makes your chat experience more specific, relevant and productive, and should help to offer up any advice that you are looking for. All you need to do is click on the topic relevant to you on entering the chat room page, and say hello to everyone!


You can ‘log out’ of ‘chat’ at any time by clicking on the ‘log out of chat room’ option, which is displayed directly above each chatting area.


If you spot any inappropriate behaviour occurring while you are using our chat room, you will notice that we have incorporated a ‘report inappropriate behaviour’ button aside each ‘title’ on our ‘chat room’ page.  Pressing this will lead you directly to a blank ‘contact us’ email, which you can use to make your report.


Policing Internet ‘chat’ is never easy, and aiding us by reporting anything untoward you see, will directly help to make the Internet a safer place for everyone.


If you have any further questions then do not hesitate to contact us on

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