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Postnatal Exercise
Following your pregnancy and the stress that your body goes through during birth it’s essential that you rebuild your overall fitness and flexibility. Postnatal exercise classes will help you strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and speed up your body’s postnatal recovery. There are various forms of postnatal exercise classes, some coming under the guise of general postnatal exercise classes, others are more specifically driven by a particular discipline such as pilates or yoga. Below is a brief outline of both postnatal pilates and postnatal yoga.

No matter what your level of fitness, you really should contact one of the postnatal class teachers in your area today to find out how to give your body the best start post pregnancy.

Postnatal Pilates

These classes are specifically designed for new mums. They’re great for getting abdominal and pelvic floor muscles working again!

The techniques used in pilates have been described as the ultimate body conditioning workout. Through a series of progressive slow measured movements, pilates focuses on developing core abdominal strength.
Pilates will not only benefit muscle tone and strength but will also focus on breathing and postural alignment. In addition to this, Pilates helps promote relaxation and allows an opportunity to de-stress.

You can even take your baby with you to some classes

Postnatal Yoga

The practice of yoga helps you invigorate both body and mind during this joyful, yet tiring time of your life.

Yoga is designed to support your recovery from the physical and emotional stresses of pregnancy and giving birth. The practice strengthens and de-stresses muscles, helps to ease the stress of sleep deprivation and enables you to refocus both mind and body.

Awareness of your own body is promoted and special emphasis is given to strengthening the abs and lower back, opening the hips and stabilising the spine. The workout will help you maintain balance while creating power in the legs and lower body.

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