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Arts & crafts with your children.


Themed arts & crafts sessions for children are becoming increasingly popular, but have you ever thought about the benefits your child gains from going to such classes?


During their formative years, encouraging children to spend time on arts and crafts projects promotes creative play and helps them to understand the benefits of concentration and dedication to a task.  I have noticed a vast difference in the children who attend my classes they generally change from children who sit for approximately 30 seconds at a table to children who are determined to finish their activity and to concentrate so that they produce a piece they are delighted with. 


Toddlers and preschool children need tactile and interactive activities to develop. Hands on messy play such as painting, sticking or sand/water play are important ways for a child to develop their physical, cognitive and social skills. Those first brush and pen strokes will soon form recognisable shapes and letters, which may lead to your child finding learning to write an easier and less daunting task.  


By playing with tools such as glue spreaders and paint brushes and positioning materials such as collage or paint children develop strong muscle control and good hand/eye co-ordination.


Classes like mine give children the opportunity to:

          Use their imagination;

          Unleash their creative and design skills;

Learn to control equipment and develop fine motor skills;

Develop better hand/eye co-ordination;

Explore a wide variety of materials and techniques;

Develop their vocabulary;

Work alongside their peers, thus developing social and emotional skills;

Learn to share and make friends;

Experiment with mixing colours, cause and effect;

Learn about colour, shapes, texture and patterns.


Participating in messy play activities is not only great fun, but by socialising in a non-judgemental atmosphere, children begin to learn to co-operate with others. Being given the freedom to create in their own way, allows the development of self assurance, control and pride in themselves and their work. 


However, doing this with them at home can be daunting, and obviously messy!  So, check out to find classes in your area.


Article put together by Claire Barwick Sticky Fingers Arts & Crafts, Oxfordshire.

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