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Babysigners classes and books
What is baby signing?
Baby signing is a loving and effective way of communicating with babies before they can talk.  Although they are very capable of making a lot of noise, and they certainly have thoughts and opinions they want to express, babies are typically unable to control their voice well enough to form words until they are 12-18 months old.   No wonder they get frustrated!  However, the muscles in their hands are sufficiently formed from about 6 months to enable them to make simple hand gestures - signs - and that's what baby signing is. To make life even simpler we use standard sign languages, as used by the deaf community.
Just including these gestures in your everyday life will encourage your baby to copy you and repeat them back to you when they want to tell you something.   Even just a few signs will bring you and your baby so much closer.
Babysigners - Who we are and what we do: 
The Babysigners teaching network in the UK follows the teaching methods developed over the last 20 years by best-selling guru, Dr Joseph Garcia.   One of the pioneers of baby signing, Joseph's interest started when he noticed hearing babies with deaf parents could communicate clearly through sign language well before most babies could speak.  His previous best selling training programme ’Sign with your baby’ was published in 1999 in America and took the country by storm - there are now more than 1,000 affiliated teachers following Dr Garcia's methods in the USA.
In this country, The Babysigners organisation has recently collaborated with Dr Joseph Garcia to create a bigger, better version of his training methods.  Published in 2005, Joseph Garcia's Complete Guide to Baby Signing is just that.  By far the most comprehensive book available, it explains what baby signing is, why it works, what the benefits are and then goes on to explain how you can learn with step-by-step instructions, illustrations, games, songs and rhymes.  It even has a DVD dictionary.  Best of all it was written for British readers so it uses BSL (British Sign Language).
You could learn everything from the book if you wanted but most people find it a lot of fun to go to the classes as well.  The classes are a lot of fun with songs, puppets and stories within a carefully structured syllabus that parents love.
Benefits of Baby signing:
Baby signing will allow you to communicate with your baby and this has multiple benefits.

  • It reduces frustration and so reduces the number of tantrums.
  • It will allow you to see a whole new insight into your baby’s world. They are leaning lots of new things and visiting exciting places. Baby signing allows your baby to share their thoughts and feelings with you.
  • Research shows that learning these new communications skills at an early age will help your baby’s longer-term mental development. Babies that have used sign language typically start to talk earlier and then continue to learn more quickly than their non-signing playmates.
  • It’s also fun and easy to do!


Some tips on how to successfully sign with your baby:

  • Say the word and sign, so you baby can see and hear the connection between the word and the sign.
  • Repetition is the key to success
  • Use signs that are relevant to your baby at the time - always, always sign in context.   It's important to remember that signing is something that you just incorporate into your usual lifestyle.  
  • Keep it fun and make sure you praise any attempts of their signing no matter how sloppy it may be!

Useful signs to get you started:

Milk – Open and close one hand


Eat – Bunch the fingers of one hand together and make little in out movements by your mouth.


Bed – Put your two hands flat, palms together and tilt your head to rest against the back of one at the side of your face.


How you can learn to sign:
Please visit the Babysigners website you can find useful information about our classes and where they are held.



0118 9893257

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