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Baby Sunglasses

by Graham Nicoll


The summer time brings so much fun and enjoyment and we all tend to feel more positive during the sunny summer months.  It is however, essential that we take precautions during the summer to protect our little ones from the sunís harmful rays.


It might appear to be sufficient to apply some high factor suncream on your little ones and then head off into the sunshine, but do you give much thought for your babyís eyes?


I know from experience with our 10 months old boy that he hates the sun shining in his eyes.  It tends to make him sneeze and he screws his eyes up and gets quite distressed.  For this reason we investigated some sunglsses to see what was available.


Having tried most of the baby sunglasses on the market the two that we found suitable were the Tommee Tippee Kids in the Sun range and the Baby Banz sunglasses.  These are two very different styles of sunglasses as the Tommee Tippee ones look very similar to adult sunglasses, yet smaller.  Whereas the Baby Banz sunglasses have a hard frame encasing the lenses, yet there are no arms that stick out and hook over the ears.  Instead these baby sunglasses come with an elasticated strap that is adjustable with velcro.  The sunglasses sit in place similar to a pair of goggles, except looser.  This makes it less likely that the sunglasses will be dropped out of the buggy and lost.


No matter what baby sunglasses you choose for your little one you must ensure that they offer 100% UV protection through the lense and are neat enough fitting to prevent the sun getting in around the edges


You also need to make sure that they are comfortable for your baby.  Remember, what fits another baby may not fit your little one!


If you have trouble getting your baby to keep their baby sunglasses on then try going out into the sunshine, let the sun go in your babyís eyes (only for a moment!) and then place the sunglasses on.  This will get them associating the sunglasses with releaving the discomfort of the sun being in their eyes.  It might take a number of attempts for them to be comfortable with the baby sunglasses, as after all repetition is the key.


Have a great summer and protect your little one with baby sunglasses whilst enjoying the sunshine.


If you are looking for some baby sunglasses for your baby then visit

Summer Sale at ELC

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