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Choosing The Best Travel Cot

by Graham Nicoll


In this day and age there are so many travel cots on the market and it can be confusing which brand and style really matches your needs the best.   At you’ll find a wide range of travel cots, from Graco to Baby Dan, Disney to Hauck.  Now this is not an exhaustive list and there are many more available on the market, but this gives a balanced range of travel cots to suit your needs.


The key things you need to consider when buying a travel cot include:


  1. The Purpose of the Travel Cot – are you planning to transport it with you across the world on a weekly basis or is it merely going to sit at a friends or family members house for the odd occasion that you stay with them?
  2. How heavy is the travel cot that you’re considering?  Again the first point of how frequently you’re going to transport the cot from A to B comes into play here, as you need to consider how easy the travel cot is to transport.
  3. How solid / robust is the travel cot you’re considering.  You need to consider the purpose of the cot, along with the weight to ensure that the travel cot is robust enough for your needs.
  4. What size of room are you looking to use the travel cot in, this will impact your choice of going for a mini or full size travel cot.
  5. Are you looking for style? Graco travel cot and Baby Dan Travel Cots are pitched at the more style conscious parent, although the Graco travel cots tend to be a bit heavier than most, and you’re paying a bit of a premium for the name.
  6. Are you looking for pure functionality as well as value for money, if so then the Hauck travel cots are robust, functional and weigh in at about 10kg.
  7. Are you looking for more of a themed travel cot, such as Disney Characters or the Pooh Family?
  8. What accessories do you want with the travel cot, such as portable mobile, adjustable basinet, built in nightlight, built in music player?  The list of accessories is endless.


The most important things you need to consider are; what is the purpose of the travel cot, what size are you looking for and how heavy is the travel cot.


When purchasing your travel cot it pays to look at some different brands, and when shopping online make sure you choose a reputable company to buy from.  Pop along to to have a look for yourself.


If you are travelling regularly in the UK and want to find out what parent and baby / toddler activities are available in each location, why not visit

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