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Teachers’ Terms and Conditions is for the benefit of both parents and teachers / activity organisers. 


Expectations of Professionalism is a highly respected resource for parents and other carers across the UK.  For this reason it is of paramount importance that you act in a professional and courteous manner in all your communication and interaction with members from the site. is not a governing body, training organisation of trade body, however, we do expect you to carry out your activities in accordance with the codes of practice of your relevant governing bodies / associations.


Members of are also expected to adhere to the following four key principles:


Principle 1: Rights

As professionals you will

  • Promote the rights of every parent and child to participate in the developmental activities that you offer, and recognise that people should be treated as individuals
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every human being and their ultimate right to self-determination.  Specifically, activity organisers must treat everyone equitably and sensitively within the context of their activity and ability – irrespective of gender, age, disability, occupation, ethnic origin, colour, cultural background, marital status, sexual orientation, religion or political opinion.
  • Not condone or allow to go unchallenged any form of discrimination, nor publicly criticise or engage in demeaning descriptions of others.


Principle 2: Relationships

A professionals you will:

  • Develop a relationship with your customers based on openness, honesty, mutual trust and respect.
  • Inform participants(s) of your qualifications, experience and the content of the activity / class they are participating in.
  • Always promote the welfare and best interests of your participants, and encourage and guide our clients to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and actions in activity setting.


Principle 3: Personal Responsibility

As a professional you will:

  • Demonstrate proper personal behaviour and conduct at all times.
  • No use inappropriate descriptions of advertising for your activities that might mislead potential participants of the nature of your activities.


Principle 4: Professional Standards

As a professional you will:

  • Work towards attaining a high level of competence through qualifications and make a commitment to ongoing training that ensures safe and correct practice, which will maximise benefits and minimise risks to participants.
  • Promote and execution of safe and effective practice and plan all sessions so that they meet the needs of the participants, and are progressive and appropriate.


Cost for Using


Listing your activities on the site is FREE.  The site is funded through advertising, which means that we can bring this exciting and useful resource to both teachers and parents at no charge.


There are some additional features on the site, where a small charge is made, as shown below.


Data Added to


All data added to will become the property of Busy Little Ones ("the company") and can be used by the company as deemed appropriate and inline with the Principles stated above.  The primary use of this data is to provide is to enable parents to locate baby & toddler activities in their local area and to enable teachers / activity organisers to effectively promote their activies.

Sharing of Information
Busy Little Ones' primary objective is to provide parents with the widest access to baby and toddler activities in their local area, and in doing so enabling teachers / activities organisers to promote their activities to the broadest target audience. We may licence to third parties the data we collect from, and develop about, our registered users, where such third parties would use the data for purposes similar to the objectives of

In the event that Busy Little Ones, or any part of the business, is sold or integrated with another business, we may disclose your details to our advisers, and any prospective purchaser’s adviser, and your details will be passed to the new owners of the business.

Updating your listings is designed as an up to date and practical resource for parents, and a FREE marketing resoucre for you as a teacher / activity organiser.  The site is only as good as the information on it, therefore it is essential that you keep you listings and contact details up to date.  Afterall, parents are likely to want to contact you to book into your classes / activities.


All amendments to the data on will become the property of



Cancellation of Membership


You can cancel your membership at any stage, and all we ask is that you remove your listings from the site if you stop running those activities.   On cancelling your membership / removing the listings loses the right to utilise this data.



Additional Options


In the near future we'll be adding some additional features to the site, such as the ability to build your own website using our technology, at a fraction of the cost of normal website.  Watch this space.


Feedback is here for the benefit of its members and as such your feedback is invaluable.  Please feel free to send in your comments and suggestions about the site by clicking on the contact form button.


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